About Us

The Tarring Flood Action Group (TFAG)

The Group

The Tarring Flood Action Group (TFAG) is composed of local residents that represent a voice for the Tarring community on flood-related issues. 


The Group was initially formed in 2016 as an offshoot of the High Street Residents Association (HSTRA) and the Tarring Community Forum/Neighbourhood Watch in response to recent localised flooding and property damage in the Tarring Conservation Area. 


Everyone involved is a local, unpaid volunteer; is aware that the effects of Climate Change will increase the risk of more frequent flooding and wants to contribute to a community effort that will address the challenges that we face.

The Core Team of Flood Wardens

The core team is a small group – we hesitate to use the word ‘Committee' – of residents who meet on a regular monthly basis. Most of the team have attended the West Sussex ‘What if? Community Resilience Programme which is designed to empower local people to help themselves to prepare, respond and recover from events that disrupt the community from normal life. We have been supported by the National Flood Forum in setting up the Group and follow their general guidelines on structure, procedure and operation. Our constitution is based on their model.


What we do.

Most importantly, we regularly monitor weather reports and warnings, responding appropriately to increased threat levels.


Maintain our small stock of emergency equipment, for use in the event of localised flooding. They have already been put to good use.


We seek funding for TFAG projects such as Drain Jetting and Raingarden construction. You can find out more about TFAG projects on the ‘Our Projects’ page.

We host ‘Multi Agency’ Meetings with representatives from West Sussex County Council (Operation Watershed), Adur and Worthing Council, the Environment Agency, Southern Water and others. These meetings also follow National Flood Forum guidelines and are hugely supportive. Our thanks to the representatives of those agencies.


We engage with and encourage local schools to take part in educational activities with a flood-related theme.


We have developed a Community Resilience and Emergency Action Plan for the Tarring Conservation Area. More information about this can be found in our ‘Be Prepared’ page.

Our superb volunteer base!

A number of TFAG initiatives, such as Adopt-a-Drain, Street Clean, Raised Garden Beds etc., require willing community volunteers to carry out regular maintenance and other activities. We are fortunate to have a number of volunteers who are on-call to help with these various activities, and more importantly, volunteers to help out if a flooding event occurs.


Check out our ‘Getting Involved' page.

We would love to have you on board!

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