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Adopt a Drain

There has been a history of occasional flooding in the Tarring Conservation Area during periods of extreme weather when the heavy pluvial flow has overwhelmed our Victorian-era drains. 


Drain covers becoming blocked with leaves and general debris reduces the capacity of the drainage system, leading to localised flooding during or just after very heavy rain,


Inspired by a conversation between Alison, one our founder team members, and a local businessman, TFAG has launched an ‘Adopt-a Drain’ project to help alleviate this problem. 


The project involves ‘community spirited’ volunteers ‘adopting’ a drain or drains local to them and ensuring that they are kept clear of leaves and debris and are free flowing. This simple - but highly effective-task, when allied to our other initiatives, is proving to reduce the risk of flooding.


We have identified a number of 'critical drains' that would benefit from regular monitoring and we already have a group of willing volunteers – but more are needed! Take a quick peek at Alison and Cllr Hazel Thorpe giving a brief outline of the programme on this WSCC YouTube clip.


If you feel that you would like to help, please check out at the scheme guidelines here, and contact us via the email address on the Homepage. 


Thank you for your interest!

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